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Generation Utopia

There was a time when Portuguese and African students had to choose between fleeing the country or the colonial war. There was a time of utopias and there was a time of disenchantment. And it all happened around the corner, to our friends, to our families... Yesterday.

About Generation Utopia

Generation Utopia is a theatrical adaptation of A Geração da Utopia, a novel by the Angolan writer Pepetela. 

The narrative follows the lives of four main characters from the beginning of the colonial war in the early sixties to the first democratic elections held in the early nineties. The four characters are, to a greater or lesser extent, involved with nationalist movements.  

Aspects of the characters’ personal lives and their political involvement are mixed with the social and political history of Angola.The theatrical adaptation seeks to evoke in a realistic, though minimalistic style, the period and circumstances of the action: the conservative sixties in Portugal; the guerrilla movements in the seventies, and the nineties in Luanda.

In A Geração da Utopia, Pepetela has sought to incorporate aspects of African mythology into his narrative, mixing them with the social and the historical. The contemporary experience blends with the ancient and the traditional.

A Geração da Utopia is crucial for the understanding of Angola’s contemporary history. Pepetela was an active part of the nationalist movement before and during the colonial war.  He became one of the most important authors of Angolan literature in part for his rich account of the colonial war as told from the nationalist side.

The play was staged in 2015 by the theatrical company Griot, with an adaptation and direction by Guilherme Mendonça.

You can watch a promotional video for that production here:

Production Requirements

Type: drama 

Actors: all actors represent characters between the ages of 20 and 40 (approximately). The piece can be taken to the scene with seven actors/actresses, representing 14 roles, in the following configuration: 

Actor 1: Vitor 

Actor 2: Malongo; Sangue Forte

Actor 3:  Elias; Culatra; João

Actor 4: Aníbal; Samalanga

Actriz 1: Sara

Actriz 2: Fernanda; Nina; Judite

Actriz 3: Marta; Ludmila Duration: 2h30m 

Venue: average size (max 300 seats) 

Set design: Minimalist 

Costumes: period, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's 

Rehearsals: 3 weeks + 2 technical + 2 dress 

A cast must be put in place 


Note: Guilherme Mendonça is only the author of the adaptation, the rights on the work must be requested from the author.

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